The Story of My Life

I am Feeling Myself (My Bio in Specific)

(Read Brodcast Myself (My Bio in General) First)

Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.

Hello Guys !!
In my first entry, i tried to introduce my self in really-really general bio. But in my second entry, i will try to share myself specifically. Enjoy it..

               My Name is Fariz ! (not Faris, Farid, even Paris)           People said that i am joy, calm, handsome, cool, hyperactive, funny, clever, and curious.       I think so too. They are very honest about me haha.
         Sometime i am humorous and sometime i am serious. I just like have 2 mask and a face in my soul.   I am be humorous when i meet my family, my friend, my bestie, my girlfriend. I dont have any shame when i meet people that i loved. I'll be serious when i am studying, especially when the subject that are related to math; math, physics, chemistry, informatics,etc. My brain always be happy and cheer when meet them all. Of course, i become serious when need it.             I love math so much. its beg…

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